#DoSomethingDoap with Hayden Price

February 27, 2018 Shiva Shakti

Photographed by Christopher Whitaker { { { • } } } Born from a mother and father who love to ski, Hayden Price grew up on the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Raised in the rich ski culture of Alta, Utah; Hayden was quick to pick up the height and speed of gliding down the white slopes filled with surprises, as the cliffs and turns of the raw natural landscape provide a practice to approach life with the same vigor. #DoSomethingDoap with Hayden Price - Interview - 2/27/18 Photographed by Sam Watson What motivates you to ski? I have...

#DoSomethingDoap with Miles Toland

January 29, 2018 Shiva Shakti

•<<<•>>>• .::DʘAPSʘAP::. Creative Director, Miles Toland, emerged from the enchanting city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Growing up in graffiti culture, he has traveled the world embellishing the streets with his unique style, merging naturalistic human forms with transcendental designs. These human forms come to life with the expanding aura of mandalas and sacred geometry, illuminating the space in which they dwell, as a portal into the ethereal nature of consciousness on the hard concretes of decaying walls. #DoSomethingDoap with Miles Toland - Interview - 1/29/18  Miles' self portrait sitting in a secret underground spot in Paris, France. What motivates your...

Castile Soap: Origins

August 31, 2017 Shiva Shakti

The Castile region of Spain birthed a new style of soap after the popular Aleppo, which was made from mixing laurel oil (bay leaf) with olive oil and soda. This is where Castile got its inspiration. Soap revolutionized public sanitation and personal hygiene in Europe, preventing the spreading of various diseases which were a serious problem in the Middle Ages. The arrival of Muslim soap makers to Spain and Italy during the 12th century allowed certain Spanish and Italian cities to become soap export centers of Europe. Castile soap became very popular because the Spanish city of Castile had easy access...

You Buy, We Plant!

August 25, 2017 Shiva Shakti

To thank Mother Nature for giving us the divine ingredients in DOAPSOAP, we plant a tree for every five gallons sold! This principle is in alignment with DOAPSOAP's sustainability and eco-friendly policy to be socially and environmentally conscious with our Organic Liquid Castile Soaps. 


August 16, 2017 Shiva Shakti

July 24th, 2017 Last weekend, our good friend Leslie Montero took her cute puppy Odie out paddle boarding in Biscayne Bay, Miami. We were impressed with how courageous Odie was paddle boarding and so grateful that Leslie turned this moment into Odie's first DOAPSOAP modeling gig.