#DOSOMETHINGDOAP with Kelly Halpin

March 27, 2018 Shiva Shakti

Photographed by Matty Berube

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Growing up in Jackson Hole's summers, in between Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, Kelly fell in love with the mountains and the wilderness at a young age. The grand inspiration from this raw landscape has imbued her with a strength of mind to push the body and an artistic eye that she harnessed as an illustrator.

Photographed by Bree Buckley

What is your motivation to practice rock climbing?

I absolutely LOVE being outside. I like to be away from cell phones, emails, cars, etc. Climbing, running, and snowboarding all allow me to get away, to be present and alive while simultaneously allowing me to escape from technology and the stresses of everyday life.

How did it all begin?

I spent my summers growing up on a ranch in Jackson Hole, nestled between the National Forest and Grand Teton National Park. My parents allowed me and my sister to be outside all day, from sunrise to sunset. I believe that definitely set me up for a lifetime love of the outdoors. I began climbing at age 6 and grew so obsessed that my dad got me a membership at one of the first climbing gyms near Washington DC. By college I was entering (and winning) climbing competitions in Los Angeles and typically sneaking out of my film school classes to climb or mountain bike. After graduating I moved back to Jackson and began really pursuing snowboarding and mountain running. Eventually I merged my love of climbing, running, and the Tetons when I began doing these crazy mountain triathlons called “Picnics”. These Picnics got me hooked on mountain endurance and I’ve been running ultras and mountain traverses ever since!

How does rock climbing and mountain running impact your life?

I train almost every single day. I think a day not spent outside (or at least in the gym when the weather sucks) is a wasted opportunity. I like to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle- I eat well (except for my obsession with pie), exercise, work, and recover but it’s all based around staying strong for adventures. All my future plans are based around adventure as well, such as where I can travel to for running, snowboarding, or climbing. I absolutely refuse to date someone who isn’t active and motivated for health and adventure. 

How does your passion impact the world?

I try to use my passion for the outdoors and my career as an illustrator to bring people closer to nature. I love to tell and share stories through both adventure and art. The theme is always the same- to get outside. I think if we spent more time in nature (even if it’s just your backyard) we would realize that we are not separate from it, but a part of it. That we have a very deep relationship with it and by acknowledging that relationship we can help preserve natural places, such as parks and monuments, for future generations.

What piece of advice would you give to our doapsoapers?

Get outside! Challenge yourself! You are more capable than you know! And then grab a cold one ;)

Photographed by Ryan Burke

In addition to running, climbing and snowboarding in nature, Kelly also loves drawing, baking pies, cooking tacos and making funny, elaborate meals on the tops of mountains. 

Photographed by Dustin Ordway

"Belief is an important element in pushing yourself"
- Kelly Halpin


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    Mar 29, 2018

    Fun read! Kelly, you are an inspiration!


    Mar 28, 2018

    Thank you Har Rai, truly inspiring!

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    Mar 27, 2018

    Amazing, inspirational article.

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