#DoSomethingDoap with Hayden Price

February 27, 2018 Shiva Shakti

Photographed by Christopher Whitaker
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Born from a mother and father who love to ski, Hayden Price grew up on the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Raised in the rich ski culture of Alta, Utah; Hayden was quick to pick up the height and speed of gliding down the white slopes filled with surprises, as the cliffs and turns of the raw natural landscape provide a practice to approach life with the same vigor.
#DoSomethingDoap with Hayden Price - Interview - 2/27/18
Photographed by Sam Watson
What motivates you to ski?
I have chosen skiing as one my primary life practices and creative expression. I learn about all aspects of existence through my continued embracement of all it can bring into my world. It fosters a deep connection to nature and the mountains. It shows me the beautiful and sometimes ugly parts of myself. It helps me to engage with my ego and understand who is showing up. It creates a space for communion with my friends and family and understanding how to manage risk. Skiing is also the closest thing to flying and sometimes it is flying!!!
How did it all begin?
I got super lucky to have parents who were ski bums in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah since the 70’s. They chose to raise my brother and I in one of the richest ski cultures in the world, Alta. My day care was ski school and I had a “need for speed” at a very young age. My adolescence was focused on downhill mountain bike racing and I did the national circuit and World Cup for many years. As things became too political in that world, skiing was having a resurgence of cool stemming from the snowboard industry. It was an easy transition and my sponsors followed me onto my new path. I did some competitions in skiing but quickly focused on more cooperation based things like ski photography, film and story based articles.
Photographed by Sam Watson

How does skiing impact your life?

Skiing keeps me healthy and active in body and mind. It gives me a platform to push my physical abilities and mental fortitude. I have gone so many amazing places and met the most incredible people through skiing. I hope to be able to ski to the end my days.

How does your passion impact the world?

Skiing is incredibly self serving and even more so as a professional. I acknowledge this and do my best to contribute to programs that get kids into the sport. I have also been a guest coach for many years that combines Zen and skiing and that is always a unique and rewarding experience. I hope to inspire people to do whatever it is they want and to do it to the best of their ability. If I can do it, you can do it. If you can do it, we can do it! Our potential is limitless.

"Full, the point at which there can be no more. I prefer emptiness, that which allows the flow to come through and not get stuck. Hollow like the bamboo is how my mind becomes when jumping and spinning through the air. Time becomes art, time is art." - Hayden 

What piece of advice would you share with our doapsoapers?

Live your life on the edge. It is where all the good stuff happens. I have learned this in the “extreme” sense of the notion but have found it applies to all areas of life. The edge of your compassion, understanding, willingness and all that is the human experience. Be as involved in your life as possible and soak it up!

Photographed by Lee Cohen 

Hayden also loves to rock climb, mountain bike, garden and explore creative realms with friends. In the past few years he has been involved in building Art Boats and installations for festivals primarily in the west, as a new avenue to let the creative juices flow. 

Photographed by Ben Anderson

 "Skis go flying with ease. Skis are made out of trees. Skis let me do what I please. Thank you trees, thank you skis." - Hayden Price

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