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November 26, 2018 Shiva Shakti

Photo shot by Dharam Khalsa
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.::DʘAPSʘAP::. Co-founder Guru Shabd Khalsa, known as Guru Khalsa, is recognized for his eminent skateboarding skills. Having skated professionally for Habitat Skateboards in the past, he recently launched his own brand, Wake Robins and his own line of skateboards, Birch. This unique style and aesthetic presented to the world is mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind. Infusing mystical sights and sounds into footage of feats against concrete, dancing with gravity and facing the fearsome head-on.
 Photo shot by Dharam Khalsa

What motivates you to skate?  

I think the feeling... At best it’s a great rush you know. If I’m working on a part I’m excited about I’ll generally be motivated too.

How did it all begin?

Well the senior boys in India were all skateboarding and I looked up to all of them. They were Guru Dharma, Satbir and Sukhmani mostly. The seniors collected money and built a mini ramp on an empty lot. This is in 1995 in Amritsar. I got hooked skating that ramp one night and just dove in. I got a skate mag and just “fell in”. It was always small goals. I’d enter contests and eventually got free products. Then I got sponsored by a skate shop and had friends whose lives revolved around skating and filming, its all we did, so naturally progressed. I’m not really sure I ever had a solid realization. I did know that ultimately I’d have to find a “job” if things didn’t feel like they were gonna work out. Once I got on Habitat things were more concrete as far as having made it to the mountain top. Of what I wanted anyway....

How does skateboarding impact your life?

Sometimes for better, sometimes I suffer and it’s painful. I’m smiling right now though cause I’m on the up side. I don’t really know what it’s done to my long term goals. I think  it’s probably ruined some of my relationships and also created many. Sometimes I set sail west and I end up a thousand miles east. I had a good day skating today though so I’m buzzing. But just yesterday I didn’t know when I’d ever feel like skating again. So it’s waves...

What was your favorite accomplishment this year?

I’m not really sure.... putting out “ the wheel of sharp weapons 2” and the “monarch” video was good.

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons II was featured on Thrasher Magazine

Tell us more about your new endeavor as Dream Lion Incense. 

I started making incense. I hand press them and make it from woods, resins, flowers and roots. And I named it (((dream lion incense))). It’s good for gifts and good for all people all over the world. The people at peace and even the warring nations. 

What is on the horizon for Wake Robins and Birch?

The immediate horizon is I’m gonna dye some shirts and create some sweaters and put them up on the site for some loaf of bread money. Should be within the month.

Check out Birch's Premiere of Monarch! Featured in Jenken Magazine. 

What do you appreciate the most about your company DOAPSOAP? 

What I love most about the soap is the quality.  It is superior, no question. Other than that, I appreciate that the organization and the people involved are healthy and conscious and work well to build each other up. DOAPSOAP is created with green energy and plants trees when bottles are sold. You can not go wrong with it.

What piece of advice would you give to our doapsoapers?  

Eat well. Live well. Develop your creative imagination, listen, breathe, fight back if you have to. Practice communicating healthy. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Wake up and stretch. Stretch often. Things like that... Thank you... thank you so much, thank you very much, thank you thank you.

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Guru Shabd enjoys making music, swimming, yoga and meditation. He also likes to plot and scheme, create, and read.


Photo shot by Dharam Khalsa

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