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August 01, 2018 Shiva Shakti

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Cynthia Currie was “raised a fish” by her parents, more in the ocean than out. Discovering her love for flight in her late teens, she became a professional in the art of paragliding, skydiving and BASE jumping; sharing her passion with others by teaching flight at her company Monterey Sky Sports in Monterey, California. She travels the world frequently, pursuing air and water sports in new exotic places.

What motivates you to fly?
The feeling of flight has been in my bones and heart for more than half my life. There is not really words to describe the feeling of soaring over the earth like a bird, but I will do my best... you know the feeling of riding your bike down a hill as a small child, the wind in your face, everything zooming past you, you feel like a super hero? Its like that but without the bumps of the road, you are hanging in a harness that feels like a hammock chair with the wind in your face and hair, and a 360 degree view of the sky and earth below you. Magic... pure magic. Who knew humans were meant to fly after all?
How did it all begin?
I started skydiving with my father when I was 19, we bought skydiving tandems for each other for Christmas. It was supposed to be another fun adventure to try and enjoy together... little did we know that it was one of those 'First days of the rest of your life' moments. We landed from our tandem and immediately signed up for lessons. A few years later my mother joined us and then my brother. About ten years ago, while visiting San Diego on a skydiving trip, my mother talked us into paragliding. It took me a few years but I fell in love with it and speed flying in the same way I did skydiving.
Flying at the sand dunes of my home town of Monterey was like a beautiful love affair, every day I couldn't wait to get off work to go fly on the dunes. Then on a wing suit BASE jumping trip to Switzerland, Italy, and France I also brought my paraglider and speed wings and really got to taste some high snow covered mountains. Getting to fly high above the lava rock of Makapuu in Hawaii was another huge moment, really concreting in the love for paragliding that had now clearly embraced embedded itself in my life.

How does flying impact your life?

It has enriched my life is so many ways and introduced me to far off lands and humans that have impacted me in ways I can not even begin to quantify. I have life long friends peppered all over the globe that would offer me a bed, couch, or floor to crash on during my journey. Italians who insist on cooking multi course meals with wine and warm conversation after a long day flying together - just a recent memory to name one. My heart is full from the experience of flying in beautiful places, sharing it with beautiful people with shared interests, and sharing flight and travel and my entire life and heart with my Wolf, Roan.

My daily life is flying, I own and solely operate a flight school, Monterey Sky Sports, in Monterey California where I take people for tandems and teach people to fly. I travel to fly. It is my entire life. I also have an Engineering degree and worked as a professional Engineer for a few years before embarking on this crazy flying adventure. So I have an engineer's brain that I use to teach the fluid dynamics of flight.

My long term goals are to be happy. To run this flight school for a little while longer and introduce as many people as I can to this amazing sport and travel more. Live in a far off land again for a time... I have lived in Australia, Italy, and Switzerland. I love California too though, it is all so beautiful!

I have flown all over the world. My travel itineraries are both exotic and awe inspiring and I get to fly above these amazing places and see them from above, using nothing but some nylon and the wind, its free... free energy.

What about your love life?

I have been single for about 5 years now after divorcing my husband. My marriage was by far the best relationship I have ever had, he was the ideal partner and part of the reason I am still single. In having such a loving, supportive, and adventurous partner I now have a clear image of what I need and am looking for in a partner. Finding a man that can match my drive for adventure and life but also be compassionate and good at communicating is very hard. I am not actively searching for a partner, I believe when the time is right we will find each other, just like Ryan (my ex-husband) and I found each other. And for now, my wolf is my partner and soulmate, he comes everywhere with me.

How does your passion impact the world?

I have been officially teaching paragliding here in Monterey for two years now and have created a small flock of pilots that fly with me on most days. They are now branching out and traveling the world and inspiring others. I hope in inspiring these baby birds to fly that it creates a chain effect and we get more humans in the sky.

I travel the world for most of the BASE jumping I do, as it is illegal in the US. So globally I have met and touched many souls with my crazy antics. I wingsuit base jump which in itself is inspiring, also being one of the very few women who does it. I am also an aerialist, I perform and teach aerial silks and Lyra. I have hung my silks off a 1,000 ft building in Malaysia and done a performance and then jumped off the silks and deployed my parachute.  

I just want to show others that anything is possible with hard work, training, and perseverance.

What piece of advice would you give to our doapsoapers?

Follow your dreams - It sounds cliche but seriously.. do it! 

What else do you like to do for fun?

Surf, ski, snowboard, speed ride, kite surf, free dive, scuba dive, rock climb, slack line, aerial silks and Lyra

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