Use 3: Face Wash

July 11, 2014 Har Rai Khalsa

DoapSoap is primarily composed of organic oils: coconut, olive, and sunflower seed to be exact. In addition, DoapSoap has two very important moisturising ingredients that cannot be taken for granted: organic shea butter and organic aloe vera leaf extract.

DoapSoap's dynamic combination of organic oils, organic shea butter, and organic aloe vera leaf extract makes for a baby soft face wash! Step 1. Rinse your face to clean off any dead skin or pre-existing dirt. Step 2. With wet palms, pour some DoapSoap onto your hands and gently rub the soap on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Step 3. Once you feel that you have thoroughly washed your face with DoapSoap, begin rinsing your face. Step 4. Make sure that all the DoapSoap has been washed off your face -- especially around your eyes so they don't burn.