13+ Amazing Ways To Use Castile Soap & 5 Rad Reasons to Try DʘAPSʘAP

April 19, 2018 Shiva Shakti

Clean your home and body with the incredibly versatile castile soap. From your clothes to your toes, you can feel great about using castile soap like DʘAPSʘAP to clean anything with water because it’s completely free of harmful chemicals used in conventional soaps everywhere. 

  1. Shampoo: A great shampoo alternative, castile soap makes your hair and scalp squeaky clean without stripping off the beneficial oils like traditional shampoos commonly do. This is because the abrasive detergents found in most shampoos are absent in pure castile soap. In its place you will find natural oils that only bring benefits without compromise. There are many ways to use castile soap for hair, whether it is straight out of the bottle, diluted with water or mixed with other ingredients such as baking soda, green tea and honey. Similarly, there are many different hair types from dry to oily to thin or coarse or somewhere in between. This means you may have to experiment until you find the right solution for your locks, assuming your first attempt isn’t a raging success. It is highly recommended that you follow your wash with an acidic hair rinse to seal the strands with a silky smooth finish. This can be done with diluted apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to condition and restore your hair and scalp’s pH balance after you rinse off the soap with water. For me personally, I massage pure DʘAPSʘAP right into my scalp and after I rinse it off I apply a natural organic conditioner and voilà, my hair is fabulous for days. Still I would love to try the apple cider vinegar rinse as it sounds like a treat for your skin and hair. I encourage you to test and find what works best for you!
  2. Pet Shampoo: Castile soap isn’t just great for your hair, it’s great for your pet’s hair too! Unlike average shampoo made for humans, castile soap can be used on pets safely. With dogs you are sure to find the perfect wash, along with cats if you avoid certain essential oils that may be toxic to cats such as tea tree, peppermint, citrus, lavender and sage. Our Lemongrass would be a good choice here as a safe option for the kitties. The harsh synthetic ingredients found in pet wash (much like human wash) will strip the oils off the skin, leading to itchy and sensitive pets. Our castile soap uses only natural and organic oils to clean effectively without any side effects and lots of benefits. The essential oils we use have natural insect repellent properties to keep the critters away. A natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial, there is no doubt your pets will love this organic and biodegradable, cruelty free soap!
  3. Laundry: From hand washing your delicate clothes and fabrics to pouring straight into the washing machine, castile soap will get the job done with sustainable and eco-friendly results. You can use one-third to half a cup of soap for a large load in a normal washer or a quarter cup in a high efficiency washer. Add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle for the finale.
  4. Dishes: What could be more satisfying than washing your dishes with the perfect soap for your hands? I use the soap straight on the sponge but you can definitely dilute it since castile soap is quite concentrated. I started using Lemongrass DʘAPSʘAP to wash my hands after doing the dishes, and eventually cut out the dish soap altogether when I found that all I needed was my castile soap! Rejuvenate your hands and revitalize your senses while you get your dishes squeaky clean. However, you should opt out of this one if you have hard water. Unfortunately, the minerals in hard water can break down (biodegrade) the soap and leave a film on the dishes.
  5. Body Wash: From face wash to hand soap to shower gel, castile soap can do it all. This soap replenishes the skin instead of stripping its natural, protective oils. With the dangerous rise of antibacterial additives in hand soaps on the market, castile soap is a much safer alternative that does not disrupt hormones or contribute to antibacterial resistant bacteria, which as a result of the dangerous additives, is also on the rise. Over time, your soft skin, healthy body and safer environment will thank you for choosing castile soap like DʘAPSʘAP versus other toxic soaps that cause harm. Definitely a great option for those with sensitive skin and for the little ones.
  6. Shaving Cream: Toss out the traditional shaving creams full of harmful toxins and artificial scents on your skin’s vulnerable, freshly shaven state. Instead, use a few drops of castile soap and lather on the area you wish to shave. This is a wonderfully natural alternative for both men and women to enjoy.
  7. Fruit and Vegetable Wash: Keep clean from the inside out by washing your produce with castile soap. You can rub it over your fruits and veggies or you can fill your sink or a pot with water, add a teaspoon of castile soap, and allow the produce to sit for 10-15 minutes as the wax and grime wash right off. Rinse under cool water and enjoy your clean produce. Remove those pesticides!
  8. Household Cleaner: Let your home be a safe haven free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. Use castile soap as a mopping solution, with two or three tablespoons of soap in a full bucket of water. Easily make a tile, toilet or tub scrub out of baking soda and castile soap by filling a spray bottle with a dilution of 1:3 castile to water and any disinfecting essential oils you love. Then sprinkle the area you want to clean with baking soda and spray the castile solution on top. Scrub with a sponge or brush and watch the stains disappear. The mightier the stain and grime, the more baking soda you can apply. This also works great on stovetops. Make a great carpet cleaner by mixing ¼ cup castile into 1 cup water. You can place the solution in a blender until it’s nice and foamy and apply to the carpet. Mix a little castile soap and tea tree oil (or your favorite essential oil) in a spray bottle with water and use it to wipe down all surfaces in the house. Last but not least, castile is essential when it comes to removing dirt, dust and greasy hand prints on windows and mirrors. You can follow with white vinegar for best results. As you can see, infinite uses here! I could have easily turned “household cleaner” into 8 different uses but I squeezed it all into use #8. Cheers to a healthy home.
  9. Natural Pesticide: Say no to toxic insecticides and say yes to castile soap to get rid of garden pests. Castile soap is effective at eliminating insect infestations. Just mix a teaspoon or tablespoon of castile soap with a quart of water and spray the infested area thoroughly. Make sure to check underneath the leaves for hidden pests. You can also combine castile soap with oil to create your own effective pesticide spray. It works best on soft body insects such as aphids and mites. This also works wonders at home to get rid of ants. You can add extra soap here to spray directly onto the insects and clean up any scent trails they leave behind.
  10. Make-Up Brush and Sponge Cleaner: Sponges are infested with germs, leading to facial outbreaks. Prevent this by cleaning your brushes and sponges safely with castile soap and water. Cleanliness is the first step towards beauty!
  11. Toothpaste: Mix a little castile soap with coconut oil, xylitol, and essential oil such as peppermint to make your own effective and refreshing toothpaste.
  12. Aromatherapy: Castile soap such as DʘAPSʘAP commits to natural ingredients always and therefore is scented only with pure aroma therapeutic essential oils that lift your spirit while you cleanse. Enjoy in a warm bath or shower. Even just washing your hands or face will offer a moment of bliss. Our grounding and purifying Sage, soothing and relaxing Lavender, invigorating and exhilarating Lemongrass will put you in the right mood with a healing touch on your mind and body.
  13. Car Cleaner: That’s right! Car wash with castile soap for the environment’s sake.

DʘAPSʘAP is:

  1. Organic: Made with the finest oils of Olive, Hemp, Coconut & Sunflower along with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Juice and Rosemary Extract. Pure Medicine.
  2. Biodegradable: No Toxins or Synthetics. As Natural As It Gets.
  3. Made with Renewable Energy: Our factory is equipped with solar panels and is LEED certified.
  4. Cruelty Free and Vegan: No use or abuse of animals. No animal testing or animal derived ingredients. Let’s be kind to all species.
  5. Planting Trees: To thank Mother Earth for providing our exquisite ingredients, we plant native trees as you buy to give back to the giver.

All these reasons are united as a vital effort to be Clean with our bodies and with our planet. We stay true to our roots and refuse toxins, pesticides or synthetics in our products, bodies, homes and environment. We also value sustainable energy practices and honor the animals. Here is a SURPRISE BONUS reason to TRY DʘAPSʘAP :

~*~ We are a small business: Very Small. This means that you have access to the CEO’s cell phone number, right on the bottle! This means we can be friends. This means that you are helping us maintain this project, and not turn back to do something else. This means that you can support our BIG dreams to blossom into fruition. We want to help clean the homeless, plant hemp, switch to hemp plastic for our packaging, assist in cleaning up the planet’s plastic crisis, and help the less fortunate across the globe get a mean clean with our friendly soap. You would be empowering the young entrepreneurs of the next generation, to set the standard for products and consumers! ~*~

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